How much time it takes to update description, product schema?

Hi! I have codecanyon products

I have updated some things on product description, it shows after reloading that it is updated, but when i try to share on social media, previous data shows up as well as when i view source of the item, in schema its not updating immediately.

so my question, does it update it or how long does it takes?

Hi @ArifursDev,

I think you facing that issue because of Envato CDN cache. It can take few hours to clear cache. and image cache can take 1-3 days to clear cache.


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whoa! :hushed: 1-3 days! i guess, i can’t request to clear cache for single product specifically! :thinking:

when cache will be cleared it will be for all products. you have to wait until clear.

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Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi! could you tell if this is possibly a bug from themeforest or codecanyon, showing a random picture instead of the main banner of the product. issue is since product is uploaded:



It’s not only for your item but also for all items in codecanyon when you will post in facebook. It’s default banner for codecanyon for FB post.