how much time it take to get Item approved or denied ?

Hello, I have some question what i am searching for answers that how much time does codecayon takes for review its been 4 days my item is still queued only no progress i have seen since last 4 days…

You can find the information here:

Thanks for your response its been 4 days so how much more time it may take to get reviewed ?

As per current review time the max timeline is 4 days so you should hear soon.

4 days is not the max timeline… you can wait up to 30 days in my experience… it’s up to them

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can you check my plugin if you found it is useful


it is been almost 8 days i didn’t see any progress in my submission is it going to approved or again rejected let me know why this is taking more ? last time it took 4 days for testing and rejected with some comments to fix things now its almost 8 days without any progress is it mean they are testing more or just delaying it ?

I have a simple answer for you: stop worrying, because it is out of your hands.

The link above showing review times is the average for last week. This week can be different, depending on many different factors. The link can show a 4 day review time from last week, but the week you submit your item it could be taking them 10 days.

You will hear from them eventually. Until then, work on updates or a new item.

P.S. The CodeCanyon reviewer tends to review items once per day sometime around 2-6 AM (EST).

Hi thanks for reply I have shared my plugin demo does it looks like in the format and description they want i am just worried if it doesn’t get rejected this time since I have uploaded I updated it very much almost added 50% more improvement and new functionality can u check the demo ? And let me know is it correct format and useful

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Wcvendors :
Wc-marketplace :

my all 3 items got approved thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Congrats! Even I am waiting for my item to be approved!

Thanks i wish you soon get notification about your item to be approved