How much sense to open a second account?

Hi folks,
I have an existing account at Envato. But it was more than a year, did not offer any project. I also do not get sales. how it makes sense to open a new account for it. Because I know a lot of things right in the Envato. I give my account of the new project would be true, or how much sense?

Why not to upload new projects to the existing account? It makes no sense to create a new one to me.

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in fact you are absolutely right. But I think, more than a year was not any sales. It does not affect whether approval of this project?

No, it does not.

In my view, it doesn’t effect the age of the account but the rating and reviews of the account do effect.

Thank you, @LSVRthemes and @wow_themes See you later​:clap:t2::joy::joy::blush::heart: