How much one charge for support?

I never done this before so how much normally do author charge for support fee? Thanks

Some form of basic support is already included with your item for sale. Perhaps you mean customizations ? In this case, it would depend greatly on what is being asked and the time it takes.

That said, check out envato studio and what freelancers are charging. Might help give you a general idea on the costs involved.

That’s pretty much it.

Basic updates and support is FREE to buyers for 6 months (more if they pay to extend this) and support under this banner is listed here

Is that what you were referring to or are you talking about customising a file?

Thanks @Typps and @charlie4282 and yes, I was talking about some customisation work. Sorry that it wasn’t clear but thank you for the info! :raised_hands:

It’s very hard to say as it varies so much - big authors and pros in some cases charge $50 upward an hour (which actually is not that unreasonable) while you will always find people vastly cheaper - sometimes for a reason.

I’d judge it on a case by case basis and the complexity of what they want

This is a good example of why it maybe wasn’t the best idea to merge the forums, and why links to author’s profiles should be added as standard. Everyone is assuming the author is on about Themeforest or Codecanyon items. The author only sells Graphicriver items, so there’s no requirement for him to provide any free support of any kind.

But back to the question at hand, I’d say $20 to $50 an hour would be pretty standard. $50 to $100 isn’t out of the ordinary, but the buyer might get a case of ‘sticker shock’ if the item itself is only $16. Less than $20… I wouldn’t advise it, but it’s up to you. Do you do any freelance work? If so, just go with your normal rate.

I’d be happy to provide a discount if the buyer was purchasing an extended license… more so if they’ve not yet bought the item and I’m looking to sweeten the deal. Also, it depends on the uniqueness of your item. If there’s nothing else out there that’s even close, then you’ve got a bit of leverage when it comes to how much you charge.