How much money ?


Hi guys I want to know, for someone who have work about 3 years very hard, what can be is profit each month ?


You can’t it in general. Everyone sells different items which have different price (some have similar price but still), sells vary for each author each month, sells rise or drop, it is just something you shouldn’t throw into one bag. You can make few dollars a month or thousands, depends if people like your items, depends on your skills etc etc.
Overall - I wouldn’t talk about avarage profit.


Hey vincent! It really is impossible to say, since it depends entirely upon how much you sell. Assume that 100 sales = $1000 for you. This is obviously not an incredibly accurate figure and assumes you are exclusive, but is probably close enough to give a very rough estimate of how much you would need to sell to make whatever you consider a decent amount.


And how much hours per week I need to work (average) to get that 1000 $ per monthh ?


That’s really not a stat that anyone could know. If you have a track sitting on the top seller list for a month you wouldn’t have to work at all to get $1000. Otherwise, you might have to work very hard to get $1000. But it varies from person to person - how fast you can work, how much you are able to work, how popular your tracks are. All of these factors influence how much you would have to work every week, and none of them are things you could know without just doing it. The only thing I can really tell you for certain is that it will -most likely - take a lot of time and a lot of work to build up a portfolio and get some good sales going.


So making track on audio jungle can be my full time job


Statistically it’s unlikely. Most people here aren’t making enough to live. Could you? Of course. Is it likely? No, not really.


You could work 80 hours a week and not make a single penny. Likewise, you could work 80 hours a week for a few months and then make $5,000 a week for the foreseeable future. There are far too many variables to say for certain, mainly the quality of your work, but it is possible to just work on Envato full time.


If this is something you’re interested in, it’s well worth following the journey of the @snailmusic guys. They’ve basically chosen to try making music on Envato their full time job. They produce a monthly income report that chronicles their journey here:


@matthewcoxy Thank you very much Matt! We’re very happy to share everything we can in those income reports. Tomorrow i will have the next one for November :wink:

@vincent000 we signed up on Audiojungle 9 months ago and 3 months ago we started to dedicate our full time to this. Still far away from the 3 years that you asked for, but as @SpaceStockFootage says, this depends on many many variables.


thanks ! =D