how much money is the commission of UI/UX designer?

I am a front end developer and I want to work with a UI/UX designer. he creates a template with photoshop and I Implement his template. how much is my percent from earning?

50% or 60% or 70%???

how much is my percent for HTML template???
how much is my percent for WordPress ???

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Make it 50-50 everybody is happy. if its design + html + wordpress, then make it 33 + 33 + 33

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work of front end developer is very more than designer. after publishing front end developer have product support and designer not!!!

50-50 is not Justly!

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You say this because you are talking from the side of developer. Since I do both I can say that design is also hard because a creative design is what it sells. customers don’t check the code. They check the design and buy. And support is usually related to code because that is developer’s mistake or lack of documentation.


thank you for your feedback