How much does it cost an author(s) to develop and maintain a best selling Wordpress theme?

Guys I’d like to know how much it costs a best selling Wordpress theme author to develop and maintain a best selling theme like Avada or Enfold or Salient for example. Would anyone know what their monthly costs would be like in general, like for development(images/plugins)/support/marketing etc.

I would really appreciate an answer, thanks so much in advance!

write to Theme’s authors directly;)

I don’t mean those specific themes, but any theme on the bestseller list, or that is doing/has done considerably well on Themeforest. I just want to have an idea of how costs work developing a theme full time.

It’s hard to say because it depends on how fast your theme grows in popularity, how you want to manage the ongoing dev/support workload (by yourself, or with a team of 20 people), and your marketing strategy. Personally, we keep overhead low because that works for us. We have one support team member, handle our own development/asset creation, and choose not to spend much on marketing (because without solid market research and a good tracking system setup you’re just throwing your money away). So ballpark - my conservative guess for a top 30 theme might be $1k towards the bottom of the page up to $50k a month towards the top, assuming fair wages for team members and limited marketing.

Thank you so much for the response! And so sorry about the late reply, I haven’t been on much lately. Thanks so much again!