How much do I actually earn?

Hello everyone,
I am new to selling on Videohive and wanted to ask for one simple question
How much do I actually make out of these 3?
English is not my first language and I am very new to fees and taxes
so I would just like to know which of these is the money I actually make
and how I can make more out of it?
Thanks in regards

$26.2, under Your Balance is what you earn.
Make sure you have submitted your TAX info

You do not have submitted your Belgian taxpayer information to Envato. Envato treat you now as an US author without any taxpayer infos = 28% US Backup Withholding Tax on all your sales

read: Tax Information & Form W-8 Requirements for non US Authors

Item on Videohive: $19.00
Buyer Fee Videohive: 20%

$19.00 * 20.00% = $3.80 buyer fee
$19.00 - $3.80 = $15.20 gross income
$15.20 * 28.00% = $4.26 us backup witholding tax
$15.20 * 37.50% = $5.70 author fee
$15.20 - $4.26 - $5.70 = $5.24 net income
$5.24 * 5 sales = $26.20 balance

Belgium has a tax treaty of 0% with the USA, if you give Envato your taxpayer infos you don’t have to pay US tax at all for further sales