How much can a song on audiojungle change before being rejected?

Hello I´m completely new to audiojungle.
Sadly my first tracks uploaded were rejected. I have read their “general acceptance guide” now and I think I know what I was doing wrong.
The only thing that I didnt get about the guide was:

" Having a unified and cohesive musical structure is an asset for commercial utility. Pauses or breaks in a track can limit the number of visuals that can be supported.
Also, strong stylistic or tempo shifts or fluctuations in the same track can decrease the music’s ability to support visuals, once a pace is established.
For example, if the tempo or style changes suddenly after 1 minute, or pause is heard while the pace of the visual continues, a feeling of discord or interruption can occur, which can destroy the sense of unity that was established between the imagery and the sound."

I am not quite sure how restrictive they want me to be.
I am currently writing a classic hard hitting rock song. Cool guitar riff, punchy drums layered with stomps and claps etc.
The song pretty much marches on up until 1:10 or so and then suddently calms down (as of now).
In this calm section I want to play the main chord progression but with palm muted guitars and overall calmer drums, slowly building up. Then I want to bring in the main theme once again, but harder than before.
Now my question is whether that would be against audiojungles rules for acceptance?
Is audiojungle only talking about shifts like going from Rock to Jazz all of a sudden or do they really want me to basically play the same thing for 2 minutes with only little/ no change?

I wasn’t aware of these rules, this is bizzare though as trailer music often changes tempo/time signature and has gaps/breaks to make points to help editors.

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