How many versions do you upload to AdRev?



Hi there friends in the AudioJungle!

I just made my first year hear on AJ and I’m looking forward to take it much further than I have done so far. One step I am thinking about is how to control what is happening with your tracks after uploading them here and I have realized AdRev is a good way to do it. My question is:

Do you AdRev users upload every version of your track or is it enough to just upload the full version and let AdRev recognize all your versions (30sec-edit, 60sec-edit) from that?

Is there anything else I need to know (since I am a total beginner when it comes to that), is there a better alternative to AdRev?




I don’t see why it cannot hurt to upload all versions.

What i did, for my file Newa: On The Hour was just put the full version, 60 second version and 14 second sting version into one folder. Then just uploaded the contents of that one folder to Adrev. Just as easy as uploading one file.


Related question, any idea if there’s a minimum length a track must be in a video before it registers on AdRev? I heard that 30 seconds might be the minimum?