How many tracks do you produce a week?


Curious about this. What is realistic in terms of getting myself out there/ but also making sure the quality is there.


I think 2-3 well produced tracks is very realistic. But it’s invidual. There are great composer here like olexandrignatov (1000+) with nearly daily approvals without loss of quality.


5-10 tracks / per week (if I working during weekend too). :blush:


Your personal speed with which you can produce good enough quality. I usually spend 1-2 hours per tune. Two years ago I produced 2-3 tunes a day for quite a few months, but currently I can spend only a couple of hours in studio each week. But without that fast portfolio building two years ago my total sales would be maybe a 10th of my current numbers.

Good luck!


I try to upload a few (3-4 items) a week. Consistency is very important :sunglasses:


5-10 tracks


5-7 tracks per week if i do produce on weekends.


We’re between 2 and 5 tracks a week.


2-4 and more if I produce on weekends. It could be more, but I also produce some music on freelance basis and I teach music :slight_smile:


1 track. It’s normal result for me. Sometimes it is one item even in two weeks, when I do something new or technically complex. But yes, 1 track per week it’s ok for me. To say honestly, I don’t think that someone can produce really good work when spamming 10 tracks per week. There are some exceptions, ofcourse, but usually I see just “one-template” identical tracks with so-so sound quality and poor ideas.


From 0 to 5. Inspiration is very important.
Now ask how many tracks rejected in a week… :joy: :joy:


I used to produce 5-7 tracks a week with review time around 5 days. Perfect formula for me, but now it’s something around 3-4. Just trying to make tracks better in terms of quality because the is no need to rush with 2 weeks review time.:grin:


Wov…2 weeks review time. Is this normal these days?


@kasperpollas well it’s something around this period of time. Now it’s 10 days, a couple of weeks earlier it was 15 days. There were times when review time was 3 days, but I guess today that’s just not possible with the amount of active authors and their submissions.


And some months ago was 33 days.


Yep @Manriquedelara I try to block those memories😂


Music is something you really need inspiration for. Technically you can produce 10 tracks and more per week, but there is possibility that they will all sound similar to each other. I don’t think it is interesting to compose this way.


We try to upload 2 items per week. :slight_smile:
Good luck to reach your goals.