How many times was your first item rejected?

Hi, I want to know how many times was your first item rejected? I want to have some reference . Thank!!

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Our was 4 times rejected and all because of the prefixes.

3 times soft rejected.

If you don’t fix the points listed in a soft rejected email you will get soft rejections on and on.

There is no limit on how many soft rejections ca be received from review team.

Btw, you also can get a hard rejection if you don’t fix the things listed in a soft rejection.


My first theme was soft rejected 10 times. I think it is good to receive more soft reject at first because you will learn more and will not repeat that mistakes again.

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Just 1 Soft Reject
and it is now on :smiley:

7 Times !!!.

Hi everybody,

I am new to this market and I have uploaded 2 items so far and both got rejected.The first item I uploaded was something really simple and I doubted that it will get approved.

The second item I have uploaded was a PSD file design of a website and I have made it a little bit attractive and I really put some effort into it but I have no idea why it didn’t get approval.

It was a design for a website home page.

please advise.

We need to see the design to give you any tips. There is no other way then to try again that see what others think about your design - consult the market and see what is currently approved.

You can take a look on the design here and see if there are some tips you can give me:slight_smile:

Sorry to say this but your design is far from the quality themeforest approves. Everything is wrong in this design, from typography, spacing colors features etc.

Look at the latest templates approved here to see what you do wrong.

Thank you hawk95 for your feedback I will study the latest templates approved by themeforest and I’ll do my best to correct the mistakes I’ve done in the previous designs.:grin: