How many times do you have in the queue?

How many times do you have in the queue?
Hello! Do everyone have problems with the queue for approval? The track has been in the queue for 10 days. Who can tell why this is related? On the 23 tracks I took, it took about 10 hard. Does the number of hard rejects affect the test time?

The current queue for everyone is a little over 12 days for tracks, 13 days for packs. You can monitor the current queue times at this LINK. The number of hard rejects you have does not affect your queue time. Many factors such as the large number of tracks submitted by all authors does impact the average queue time.

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This situation will change soon i think. It could be possible that a view rewievers are at this point of time in holiday time.

For me 11 to 12 days.

several times…:slight_smile:

43 times yet :wink:

Thanks guys, we’ll wait. Let’s hope that the test time will be shortened, because the tracks hang for a long time in the queue.

Does anybody knows reason why it grew up so long last weeks. We came from 5 days to 12 days and increasing

We just checked the track. Since the download, 11 days have passed, so the dynamics are positive

Circumventing. Sorry that was yesterday’s word of the day.