How Many Support Guys Do I Need to Hire?

Guys, supposing my WP theme is on the weekly bestseller/popular items page, how many WP theme support individuals would I need to hire to provide support for the template? How much would I have to pay them? Or maybe I do not need to hire anyone, I could just provide support myself even if my theme was making say 200+ sales a week? Would greatly appreciate any answers, especially if they’re from experience.

It depends on your capacity & of course the density of your support requests.
Some authors got a lot of sales but with just a few support requests since the buyers are so familiar with the theme operation.
Some authors, like our team, have to assign 2-3 support officers at the hectic times and if buyers are new ones.
Some authors also take care of so-called out of support scope like adjusting hosting configuration, theme installation, demo importing, do some minor customization… for free so it will take time and this maybe a boomerang to shoot them back if, sometimes, there won’t be enough efficient resources for those, they will be fired back as bad (not so good like before) authors.

Business themes will take you less effort than niche themes like Medical, Education, Travel…in which they need to have a good running workflow behind.
Anyway, the best way is to gradually increase your support resources depending on your target customer. Track the ticket load, you will have your baseline and you will know exactly how much resource you will need at times.
Think Big, Start Small, Do It Fast!

Thank you TheRubikThemes, really appreciate it. :smile:

I think you should focus to get to those 200 sales per weak and adapt on the way, there is now way to know until it happens. Good luck in your jurney!

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Thank you FWDesign, appreciate it. Hope I do get there soon. Hoping people who are or have been on the popular items page for WP themes would also drop in a comment or two.