How many submissions I can send at the same time?

Hello everyone.
I tried to search on the forums here and on google to find an answer to my questions, but I couldn’t.
As stated above, how many submissions I can present to the review team at the same time, I mean if I send 3 or 4 templates to profit time, does this have any kind of impact on the review process or my account ?

hi as for u know there are no limits … besides i strongly disagree with that … to be honest i also think that it would be a strategical mistake from u to post a lot at the same time … unless u are sure that all will be accepted and that u can get such a massive amount of items at the same time that great exposure will result out of it …
i think that u should try to ask expert here , @XioxGraphix, @romlam and @mgscoder who know so very much about all technical things …

no, it will not effect on review process or on your account.

Okay thank you so much both of you friends, I got what you mean @n2n44 thank you :blush:

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u are welcome :slight_smile: