How many stars do you give if you review it?

How many stars do you give if you review it?

With respect this is nowhere near the standard for here. It’s not productive to give it a star rating as it is.

You need to spend time refining your knowledge of design basics and look at the popular existing items to understand the level of versatility and attention to detail that they bring

how make more creative

You need to address design basics first - without those then any big (creative or not) will be futile

now what is basics

You need a better grasp of the best practice principals behind typography, construction, hierarchy, spacing, other general UX, etc

Right now it’s a selection of poorly executed, generic UI and elements chucked together on a page with no real structure

This is even more important if you are submitting design items rather than coded templates

Again with respect this is a premium marketplace so things like this should be a given