how many sales and tracks do I need to reach the income of $ 1000 per month?

how many sales and tracks do I need to reach the income of $ 1000 per month?

Hello! A strange question :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:, it seems to me that everything depends on you, on how often you upload tracks, which tracks, at what prices, some other factors, etc. Keep an eye of what tracks buy from you more often, probably only you can answer your question.

Around 100 tracks selling at $20. Or only 1 track selling at $2000.



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on Audiojungle exclusively, never IME, but with non-exclusive tracks, sure. With 50+ good tracks you can do it.


The question is not how many tracks you need, the question is how licensable tracks you produce.


Of course you can sell broadcast and film license, then you need less sales

Yes. But I mean the sale of a standard license. For example, I will have 100 tracks that bring 100 sales per month, about $ 1000. If I stop writing, this number will fall as well.

You can’t control which kind of licenses are going to be purchased. Just focus on making a lot of good and licensable tracks.

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It is better to focus on the creating tracks, rather than calculating the theoretical amount of money you have not earned. I agree with the speaker above. :slight_smile:


Yes, I support, but I want to have a clear picture and understand what can be achieved

What can be achieved:

If you get to the very top, you could get over a thousand sales per month, potentially earning over 10K per month.

However, the vast majority of authors make (much) less than 100 sales per month.

In any case, the number of tracks you submit is not correlated to the number of sales you can expect, as individual track performance may vary greatly. Earnings will also depend on your own pricing.


If you are producing tracks that are on latest trends, then you can have lots of sales. For example, if you know what the market needs and what the trend is, then you can make one track that can get even 10.000$ in one month, but this is a difficult subject… there is no certainty of what will be sold and how much! So we are all in the same boat! Maybe some are more informative than others… who knows?

I personally think based on my experience here, you could achieve your goal, by getting about 10 tracks approved each month over a period about 2 years. The day you earn the fruit is not the day you plant the seed though. Its hard already and it gets harder tomorrow, but if you create, learn, invest steadily you can earn this amount of income probalby. Might you will get featured or you will have an trendy track, who knows.

Some of Topic!: :sweat_smile:
Here in Germany you need to gain an income of 3600€/a Net (after a 2 years probe time) with your Freelancer Music Job and you re allowed only twice to not reach that ceiling till your rent, or the Artist Insurance System will kick you out. The Artists Insurance System is funded in parts by the clients you have and your participation in the German PRO. References, Training, a good online presence are an advantage to get in there. In their register form for musicians is the Royalty Free Music Production not provided though. The ucomplicated fact is that you can earn up to 8820€/a (Unmarried) as freelancer revenue tax free here.


Right words

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Thanks for sharing this, so you can get the insurance after 3600€ total in 1 year? or 3600 per month? after that, how much do you receive? First world rules always amaze me

Going back to op question, there isn’t a fixed amount as you can reach it by having a top seller, a buy out or ADP pricing. @PearlsMusic tip is right, you have to work hard now and perhaps in 2 years you can reach that goal. The real problem is: how the market is going to be in the future. At first sight it looks shady and turbulent

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3600€ a month wouldn’t be bad at all this corner of the world, right!? Hahahah!

Wounldn’t be bad in this corner either!

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Nor in this!

thats 5 times the average salary here