How many purchase code the user get for buying a product multiple time

Hello Everyone,

I’m creating an Item. When the user buys my item he will be needing to use the Envato purchase code to get an API license key for their app. Now, I’m facing a problem I came to know a user need to buy a single item multiple time for multiple websites. My question is about the API. When we validate the code we see data called purchase_count: 1. So, when a user buys a product multiple times from the same account will he get multiple purchase codes for each buy or they get a single purchase code for all items and just the purchase_count is updated to purchase_count: n?

It would be very helpful if someone can help me with this information.

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Md Udoy Hasan
From Softisia

Each purchase has separate purchase code.
Purchase code is unique to each buy.


purchase_count will increase as well.


Thank you very much @webmagics and @mgscoder :slight_smile: