How many percent is same the item call copy right

Hello Everyone,
i do not know, How many percent between two item same call copyright in graphicriver. If anybody know this answer please reply me.

There isn’t one, and even if there was, it would be a subjective decision on what is and what isn’t the same. Unless it was ridiculously clear-cut, like a music pack consisting of one of your songs and one song by the Rolling Stones… I mean that’s 50% right there!

If you’re asking because you feel somebody has copied your item, get in touch with support and see what they advise. If you’re asking from the perspective of creating new items… that’s a dangerous way of thinking! The goal should always be to create something completely unique, which I appreciate isn’t always easy, and it’s a fine line between inspiration and ‘copying’… so I can appreciate your concerns.

Thanks for your comments