How many licenses are required in this case?

my potential buyer wants to start youtube channel and to use one of my after effects projects in every video (on the same youtube channel).
I know that when buyer customize the project once, and render once, he can use end product unlimited times with one license. But what if buyer use the same project with changes for every episode on the same youtube channel?
I suppose that he need new license for every video (for every new use of my after effects project), but I’m not 100% sure, and I don’t want to provide him unchecked information.

If the episodes that he’ll release are connected with each other and released within one year, then those episodes can be considered a serie. Therefore he can make minor variations to the template for each episode (e.g changing a text from Episode #1 to #2). Note that there is also a maximum of 52 episodes per serie, if he wants to release more episodes, he’ll need to purchase a new license.
(From the FAQs)

Thank you!

You’re welcome :smiley: