How Many Extended Sales Does A Wordpress Theme Make in a Month?

As the title says, I would like to know how many extended license sales on average a WP theme makes in a month, especially if it is on the best selling WP themes page consistently. Would appreciate it if someone would let me know how many they usually make.

Maybe I’m not a typical case but I have never had a single extended license for WP theme.

Thanks a lot for the reply @TheRubikThemes… Appreciate it. : )

I think nobody has sold an extended WP theme license ever.


Yeah, if you sell 100 licenses a month, you’re probably doing pretty well if one of those is extended. One a year would probably be more likely!


Having your theme in best seller list is a win on its own, however even those guys sell extended versions very rarely. Better do not count on extended sales at all.

We are new on TF but we’ve never had an extended sale so far.

2 times in the past 7 years :slight_smile:

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Really grateful for the replies guys… thanks so much : )