How many days it's usually takes to process a DMCA report?

Hello authors!

I submitted a DMCA report to the envato few days ago. but I didn’t heared anything from them.

I saw that envato usaully take DMCA reports very seriously and get action very fast. compared to review new items and updates. but its now more than 4 days. I didn’t heared anything from them. is this normal?


Its now more than 8 days. I contacted you. And more than 2 weeks I’m trying to contact envato. but still never ever heared back from those review team. :frowning:


For DMCA it can take min of 15 - 20days and also it depends on the provider. for eg

in github it took me about 22 days for a DMCA report.

Now its allmost 45 days and they didn’t took any action :frowning:

Envato is keep deleting my posts

this my deleted post

Because you keep starting the same duplicate threads over and over, sometimes multiple times in a day.

Unfortunately there is no correlation between the number of threads you start, and how long your issue will take to get resolved. Keep everything in the one thread, update as necessary, and keep in contact with support. That’s the best you can do.

I have no any other way to contact envato. I already created ticket and its now allmost 45days now. facebook and twitter envato support is not responding to me.

How the hell envato have any rights to allow an item to sell that use my code. envato and that scammer make money by my hardwork.

When envato take million ******* years to take action. that scammer selling more copies. and yes that what envato wants. they want to delay the process and make money.

I understand we dont have any voice here. I have all the proof about this issue which is I’m dealing more than a month now. I will start a youtube channel and review how envato handle things.

And craziest part is: envato is a multibillion dollar company only one guy available to handle support. lol

They’re not a multi billion dollar company and they don’t have just one guy handling support.

I’m not the one who telling only one guy is available. check the screeshot.

This is a community forum, not a support forum.

We have two community managers (@KingDog and @matthewcoxy) on this forum only who I’m aware of that can check on this for you. I mentioned both of them to you in the PM, and Matthew was the one you were talking with previously so he’s familiar with your situation and frustration.

The Envato Help Team is not on the forum, and they have far more than one person.

You’ve misinterpreted the post. I can guarantee that there is not just one person on the support team. Yes, @matthewcoxy is just one person, praise the maker… but it’s not just him locked away in a room handling every single support request. I don’t think he’s even on the support team, even though he has his fingers in many pies.

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Yeah may be have more than one person. but its doesn’t matter to me. becuase they dont take any action. seriously guys 40+ days?

I dont care how my people work on envato. I need to take action towards my DMCA. becuase its important to me. envato or that scammer dont have any rights to earn money by selling my code. its my damn code and i’m the one who know how much time and effort it took. now i’m the one who should suffer and waste my item and energy here. other two parties make money. holly crap.

Probably best not to mention things you don’t care about three times in a row… it only gives the impression that you do care about them, so focuses people’s attention/replies in the wrong area.

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand your frustration, but endlessly expressing that frustration isn’t really going to do much. Youre welcome to do so though as long as you keep it in the one thread and follow the forum rules, i.e. easy on the swearing and calling people out.

There’d two options that i can see. You can keep on at support (via this thread, twitter, facebook, maybe the coxy etc) and hopefully they’ll get this sorted for you… or you can give up and forget about it.

I’d go for the first one personally, but I only present the second on as that’d an option available to you. If there are other options available in between those two options that I haven’t considered, then by all means, you should give one of those a try.

From what I can see on the help tickets, your DMCA ticket has been responded to many times already by the Help Team and quickly. The Help Team takes the DMCA process very seriously and work as quickly as they can. Constantly opening up new tickets will only slow the process down.