How Make_Believe created his Halloween video effects template, “Circular Insanity”

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Halloween is nearly upon us. So we decided to get the story behind “Circular Insanity” a Halloween video effects template by Make_Believe. One of the creepiest logo reveals you’ll find on VideoHive.

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What is “Circular Insanity”?

"Circular insanity" was created through the idea of being in dark creepy atmosphere where the main animation is slowly being sketched on top of a circular pattern that looks to have been etched over hundreds of times almost as though it had been made in some sort of insane asylum. I found the idea to have a simple yet interesting aspect to it and I hadn’t seen it done before so I decided to create it.

What inspired it?

The inspiration for this project came from a film that I was working on at the time that was based on the horror genre. There was a scene where the characters were in an abandoned mental hospital and there were intense looking sketches written all over the walls. I saw these sketches and thought this could be an interesting design base for a simplistic and creepy logo reveal project.

Was this created exclusively for Halloween?

No, this item was not created for Halloween exclusively. However I find the horror genre and Halloween do tend to compliment each other quite a bit.

Do you have any items you've created specifically for Halloween?

No I haven’t created any of my items for Halloween specifically although my item “Smoke titles” which is a creepy dark title reveal project has been used for multiple Halloween projects as well.

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Tell me about your process for creating these items?

Usually my process stems from an idea that I think could become a really great unique animation and could also be useful to others. Then I start to create a style frame of how the final design could look in the end. From there I can start imagining how I might see this design in motion and begin to experiment with different animation techniques to make this frame come to life. Audio can also be a very important aspect as it gives a great influence to the feel and tone of the project and and how certain elements may animate.

Is Halloween a lucrative market for VideoHivers?

I believe Halloween can be a very lucrative season for Videohivers as there are so many multiple uses for these sort of templates. Also the scary/spooky theme is something that everyone around the world can relate to.

How do you make things look creepy?

I find that lighting is a very important aspect when it comes to designing something creepy. Usually I will set the design in some sort of dark atmosphere that is lit just enough to be able to identify the presence of something yet still retain a sense of uncertainty. When animating this lighting I will also add some irregularities or twitching to the light. I tend to include rough or grungy looking textures along with a more dramatic lighting setup that can be used to subtly accent edges and sharp shadows to give a bit more detail to darker spaces. There are obviously many ways to approach this depending on the intent of the project, but these are usually rough guidelines I use to help when designing something that needs to have creepy vibe to it.

Will you be making more scary of spooky items in the future?

I am always looking for new inspiration and would very much like to keep exploring the scary and spooky genre in possible future projects.

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