How long usually it takes to get a theme approved?


I just want to know how long usually takes the queue when you upload a new theme for themeforest until it gets reviewed to have an idea?


At the moment 3 - 4 weeks

You can always share demo links here for feedback in the meantime

Ok cool, no more than that?

Also just to be clear, what is the most important things to upload more than theme files.


You MUST include proper documentation, PSDs only if you want to, be careful not to include images you down own the rights to

Awesome Charlie, thanks a lot for the great info!

One last question then images I get it from pixabay for example?


I haven’t ever read their license but it’s often wise to upload a demo using whatever you have permission for but the downloadable version of the theme should use image placeholders

I am saying pixabay because the images are CC0 and they are also used on themes uploaded on that is why I ask.

Thanks again!

Took me about 3 months for a WordPress theme + about another 1.5 month of soft rejections.

Hey there, I can tell you from personal experience that images from Pixabay are accepted as long as they properly licensed and you must mention this in the item comments or if you get soft rejected when reuploading the item. Reviewers may ask you to replace images with placeholders if the license is not mentioned as image copyright infringement can lead to some nasty DMCA’s

Cheers! :slight_smile: