How long to write a song from inception to completion?


Hey folks
I was just wandering how long it takes (on average) to write a song, I know people work differently, but I’m just curious, I’ve been a musician for years, but am pretty new to composing and writing all parts of a song



Anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks! :wink:

It’s tricky to estimate actual time spent, but for me, (in general) it usually takes about 5-15 minutes to come up with a basic idea or theme; about 2-6 hours total to build the main composition and develop the production/sounds; a couple quick recording sessions for tracks with live instruments; and anywhere from 2-6 hours to properly mix and master. In reality though, it usually takes me several days (sometimes weeks) before a track is completely finished.

Note: this is for a normal instrumental track for AudioJungle (not a song with lyrics)

Keep in mind this is an approximation based on my own experience, and greatly varies depending on: how well the idea flows, how good the idea is, and how much coffee I’ve consumed :wink:

It’s a lot of work making a solid track from concept to final product, but I usually like to work in ‘chunks’ of a few hours rather than flat-out until it’s done. I also usually work on several projects at once. It helps keep musical ideas fresh, reduces ear fatigue, and often results in cross-inspiration!

How long it takes you to make a track?

My workflow is pretty much on par with James’ ^ :slight_smile:


Thanks for this, really appreciate it!


I find that spending more time developing the idea prior to sitting down with the DAW actually saves time in the end. With a well thought out emotion and concept the rest of the production goes more smoothly than in the case where I “try out” bits and pieces and ultimately just try to “puzzle together” something that could just as well be parts of different tracks. If you ever wrote a verse and a bridge which worked fine together, but then started to struggle a bit with the chorus, trying different ideas, then you know what I mean. It’s better IMO to have a clear view of all the parts before laying down the first recording.

Basically I try to have the melody and feel to every part in my head before I go physical, and this process can take hours, days, weeks depending on the project. Even if I stray a bit from my ideas later on, it’s always nice to have a red line somewhere to go back to. I usually finish up a production decently in a day or two and do the final mix after a good night’s sleep :sunglasses:


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It usually takes me between one and two days to two weeks to finish a track depending on inspiration and also external factors.
I usually am pretty quick to get the main idea , it’s the tweaks here and there which take me more time.


Thanks for this Lars, much appreciated


Rock tracks 3 to 4 days. I still have 2 works in addition to audiojungle, so so long


For me, it’s anywhere from 30 minutes to a week. It took me five days to write this:


Between 2 hours to 20 years… :grinning:


Thought this was relevant: a great quote from Les Paul, talking about recording with his wife Mary Ford:

“We would make an album while Mary was preparing dinner. She’d be making macaroni cheese, so I’d figure I had 45 minutes, and during that time I’d lay down all these parts, including the backgrounds for the whole album, and then I’d tell her where she had to come in, saying, ‘Lay way back on this one. Make it real loose. Do a Bing.’ She could do that and put feeling into it, and within no time at all everything was done.”


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It all depends on inspiration, on how fast the ideas come from music that you do! You can write a good track for the day, and can be carried over is not very pleasant 5 days and eventually delete and start all over again! If you want to make fast use the templates!


… and 25 days later we would get the “unfortunately, your submission is not ready for Audiojungle” e-mail. :sunglasses:


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