How long it takes you to make a track?

Hi! It usually takes me between a minimum of two days to exceptionally a maximum of 3 weeks if the track deserves it. I would say 4 days on average, and usually working on two or three tracks at once to keep the ideas fresh.

What about you? Any tips on writing quicker besides writing a lot?

I try to write one or two tracks a day, it depends on the genre. A tips on writing quicker is to use templates for every style you write in, so that you don’t have to load all instruments every time. Also to write less complex music with fewer instruments.


1-2-3 days for corporate or ambient item. For cinematic or classical music 3-5 days.

2-6 days for electrinic rock, 1-2 days for corporates :slight_smile:

2 weeks for corporate, a month for other genres

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2-7 days for production + 2-3 days for mixing and mastering.

Typically 2-3 weeks for cinematic tracks, plus another few days for mixing/mastering.

I wake at 7 am, quick breakfast and i’m going to a studio. Working till 2 pm then break for a dinner, then working straight until evening. I close studio at 8 pm. At the end of the day i must have a track done. Every day. Except Saturday and Sunday.


Often it takes me 2 days writing and 2-3 days mixing + mastering. As my learning curve raises i put a lot more effort in the mixing and mastering. I tend to rest my ears every 30-40 mins or go for a walk in the woods to get the song out of my head. I tend to work on multiple projects at the same time.

The templates seems like a good idea. on the flip side using the same instruments CAN restrain the creativity as tracks might sound similar.

Also I work best under pressure - lets say i got 3 h for music I often get much more done than when I got a whole day. I might be lazy… Who knows.

The best of luck

Interesting topic!
For me 1 track a week. When I don’t work on other projects of my studio, I try to fully produce a track every 2-3 days.

That’s very quick. At the moment I only use templates for orchestral stuff, I will have to try with other genres. Good advice on keeping things simple.

Is that working exclusively on music or doing it as a complement of a day job?

That’s an amazing discipline, I have to juggle with doing sound design and sound engineering work on the side.

Thanks everybody for the responses, it’s really interesting to see how long it takes to different people and the different approaches.

Hey, me too I work well under pressure, nothing like a deadline! I totally agree with using “open” templates to avoid repetition.

I teach in a college but I’ve gone to 4 days a week to write on my other day this year. I try to get two tracks written in that day at home but I’ve found that there’s certain genres I find a lot easier than others to write in. It seems to be working so far though.

2-5 days. I tried to grind uploads faster, up to 8 a day at times but quality really suffered. There are some really bad things happening to music when all you think about is rushing into production. One thing especially - the forcing of finalising tracks that weren’t built on solid, thought-through ideas in the first place. Using more time in the inception phase usually saves time and serves to protect musical integrity in the end, IMO. None of my best sellers are from my lower end of the spectrum. Fodder never flies :sunglasses:

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Well this track took 18 months to finish properly! It depends on the track IMO but no more than 3 days

There’s always that story about Picasso drawing a doodle on a napkin and his friend asks him to sign it. Picasso says he’ll only sign it for $25,000 and when his friend says “that only took you two minutes!” Picasso says “but it took 25 years for my signature to mean something”. I suppose what I mean is that when people say they can write a track or two in a day, it’s not really taken them a day, it’s taken a lifetime for them to get that good.

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From 20 minutes to Days.

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