How long it takes to add referral credits?

Hi, I signed up for the referral program and sent my ref link to couple of my friends who signed up and made deposit/ bought items. But I got no notifications nor any credit so far. Can anyone please tell me how long it usually takes?

It’s usually instant as far as I’m aware. We have two accounts we use for referrals.

Both usually have the referrals show up within 24hrs of the referral making a deposit.

HOWEVER, if they were previously referred by someone else, their cache will store it.

For example, if a week ago they clicked a referral from someone else, there’s a chance it would use that as the referral would have been stored as cache. It should also be noted that if they use the same Payment method as you (ie., same credit card or PayPal account, etc) then the credit would not be given as a referral to you, but rather as another account of yours.

If you do however have concerns, I recommend you contact Envato directly for a more official response.

hi, normally this is credited when a purchase is made and there’s a referral , all is credited at the same time, according to what i know

Yeah, what everyone else has said… should be straight away, but I guess it may take up to 24 hours. If you’ve not got it after 24 hours then it;s likely they had already been referred.

Hi had a lot of problems with affiliation of envato. Sometimes I am sure that my user was 100% new, and that they has respect all program roles but I didn’t receive nothing, I talked with other authors seem that this happen very often and support “can’t” help us because can’t verify this…