How long for a refund to come through?

I’ve asked Envato to refund me for an order I made, and I received a reply on 17/2 that my refund has been sent. Today is 21/2 and I have not received it yet.

I was just wondering how long does a transfer take to arrive from country to country?
I’ve transferred and received money from abroad accounts before. I understand it can take some time. But sometimes transferred are cancelled. So, I’m not sure if the money is actually being transferred. Can someone tell me how to confirm that information?

Once you’ve had the confirmation any delay is usually down to the recipient bank - normally not a huge delay (ex weekends) once the confirmation is there

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Envato sent me the refund information. They definitely did make a transfer. I guess I’ll check with my bank. But I’m pretty sure they’ll just say that if there are any transfers made into my account, they would show up when they arrive.