How long does it take to receive Royalty Statements from PRO's?

Anybody know how long it takes? I’m working with BMI


I’m in Australia, and I have had broadcast placements overseas, it took about a year to receive the money. However if it was a placement in your own country you would get it within about 6 months I believe.

It depends, from a few months to several years. I just got some royalties from a broadcast in 2010…

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Contact BMI and ask for a pay out schedule. My PRO STIM have a set schedule for certain periods and areas. Although, it also depends on where, when and to which PRO the client reported the use to. There’s usually quite long delays from broadcast to payout.

At a minimum 6 to 9 months. So stuff on air now (IN USA) will pay in September’s BMI Check. Music airing next quarter will pay in Jan 2018’s check. Foreign royalties will take even longer. My advice, don’t even think about it. They eventually show up. This is not a business for those who are in a hurry to get paid. Thankfully we get paid fast in AJ. For PRO royalties…you better be ready to remain very very very very very very patient. As patient as patient gets.

And if I’m in PRO in my country and I’ve declared that in Audio Jungle… I don’t have to do anything when my music is broadcasted abroad, do I? Money should come to my PRO without any “tracking” from my side, am I right? Of course I’m talking about situation in perfect world :slight_smile:

Add the IPI Number next to your writer name on AJ. Don’t assume people will go out of there way to find your IPI number.
Composer: Krzysztof Pietras IPI#________________Add you IPI # next to your name!
Tempo (BPM) 120
YouTube Content ID Registered No
P.R.O. Affiliated Poland ZAIKS

If professionals document your name and IPI # on a cue sheet and file it like they are supposed to do for broadcast scenarios you should get your performance royalties. It’s probably not a bad idea if we all remind everyone of this by including a blank cue sheet in your zip asking them to please fill in even regardless if it’s to stream only. GEMA wants performance royalties for youtube now. Read below.

Streaming is getting very interesting. Everyone pay attention. Things are changing fast. It’s in our interests to earn performance royalties for streaming.

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Amazing! I didn’t even knew that there is something like IPI number. Right now I’m writing to my PRO (ZAIKS) with question what is my IPI number - I suppose they are institution which knows what is my number. Big thanks!

Your IPI should be written on your contract. You should also be able to find it on the website, in your account. As long as you have registered your songs with ZAIKS you don’t have to do anything. I tried searching for some of your titles and your name but nothing came up in the search on ZAIKS website? Have you registered your songs?

You can search ZAIKS catalog here

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my IPI number is on all my item pages :slight_smile:

Thanks AbnormAudio! Yes I know this ZAIKS catalog, but there is only some ISWC number of each song. If I understand properly, the IPI number is unique compositor number, so I will look for that number in my contract or maybe Zaiks will answer my mail. [EDIT: Of course, there is IPI number in ZAIKS search, now I have found it :slight_smile: ]

Yes I have few tracks registered in Zaiks, but it looks like I should register all my Audio Jungle tracks also.

I’m on BMI…why search on Zaiks?

Yes, there is also IPI number on ZAIKS search! Thank you guys!

I was replying to RedOctopus. He’s a member of ZAIKS. He was asking about his IPI and if he needed to do anything. I clicked reply on his comment. But looks like it doesn’t show in the thread.

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ah cool. Thanks.