How long does it take to Envato Market approve my design?

8 days running bro !! can you please confirm it…??

At least they should confirm through a message that will they approve my submission in the future !! I mean about 9 days running .!!

If it’s in the queue then it will be reviewed (no guarantee of approval) in turn but as an estimate it’s approx 10 days

5 years later…
i’m new here, but with 5+ years industry experience.
i’m submitting for AudioJungle, as @krivi mentioned, 19 days for AudioJungle seems a waste of time for me.
And the fee charges are pretty high too… is it still worth?

Any new updates for the review durations in 2019?

Around 12 these days…

Actually this time is officially provided by enavto but now situations is envato in pending work and work load messerement and after give a product Results …