How long does it take to Envato bring back an item?

Our plugin was taken down by a DMCA notice. After that, we send a counter DMCA notice and receive an email from Envato said that we will have to wait 14 work days. Today it’s about 20 days (26th July till 16th August) we don’t receive any news from Envato. What is going on? If they decide to disable our plugin forever at least they need to let us know that they are going to do that.

If we try to send email to Envato support to ask how it is going. Just automatic email sent to us, then no reply.

Hello dear,
I’m facing the same problem you’ve faced. It’s been 20 days after sending the counter dmca but I didn’t hear a thing from envato. Now, I am worried about my product and the good standing of my account. Can you please tell me what happened to you next? Did envato replied? Thanks

I’d like to know the answer to this question myself. It’s been 16 days already and I haven’t received any news from Envato. This is pretty ridiculous. They can’t keep people in the dark like this.

We tried to contact Envato by twitter then they finally bring back our item. Before put it down again lol

It’s 24 business days from the date of submitting the counter claim, so around 33 actual days…