how long does it take to build a medium sized WordPress theme ?

Hi authors,
how long would it take me to build a classieds wordpress theme like this one : Classifieds - Classified Ads WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest

That’s up to your skill and fluency. If you are well in PHP and WordPress core and you are working minimum 16 hours a day then you can make it in 10 - 20 days including with documentation. If you are a Beginner then it may take upto months to make it.
If you are trying start a site, then you can directly buy it. That will be more easy.

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Ohhh ok Thanks…I’m Php Dev with more than 4 years experience…I’ve built various kinds of websites with raw Php and frameworks like laravel…

So I guess it won’t take me long…

Thank you.

Yes, then you can do that easily, if you have any problems you can check it out on WordPress Dev Docs. This will help you a lot.

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Building a theme for WP is not that simple, there are strict rules that must be followed then the concept has to be good… be careful because only unique design and premium design themes are approved these days…

Do your homework before you do this to save yourself some pain :slight_smile: , I worked about 6 months on my theme and I had a hard reject… then another 10 months and 16 soft rejects to get it approved… the review process is very rough!


Well, I’ve been doing WP themes for years and my latest one took me several months to complete and I’ve already had a solid framework to build on.

BTW the theme you’ve shared is more than five years old, design like that would probably not be good enough to be approved today.


1-2 month to build a theme, then 1 month to get it approved after soft rejects, lol :slight_smile:

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Lool is the likelihood of getting rejected still high even if I hire a really really good designer ?

Lool is the likelihood of getting rejected still high even if I hire a good designer ?

Well, I have around 12 years of design experience, 8 of these are on Envato, but I’m still getting rejects. Make sure that all elements (especially default widgets) are styled correctly, use Unit Test, and check all the use cases, like post without image, long list of meta attributes etc.

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You definitely need a good designer and also make sure you read carefully all requirements and apply them to the letter… the reviewers will soft reject for the smallest issue that they can find, they literally drove me crazy with my theme, I don’t think I will create another one :slight_smile:

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I am Power Elite author here. I can definitely write that you CAN’T make theme in month even if you are super awesome coder and designer. Well, you can make something simple and even approve it (if you will be very lucky or provide something interesting in design), but it will have very low sales. Just check sales of simple latest themes on Themeforest. They takes 5-10 sales in month.

Real term to build cool theme is near year. This will include making minimum 15 demo sites with unique design, documentation, video tutorials, good promo materials and interesting functions.

And, make sure that you really have good skills, because Wordpress niche is very high competitive. It’s more than 50000 themes, many of them were developed by big teams and many years of updates and improvements. You can have success in this niche if you have very unique and fresh design, if you have unique functions in special niche. It’s not enough to make just good theme now, because thousands of them are on market, so, estimate your skills before you start.

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Wow you been selling themes for more than 8 years ? Is it possible to become a millionaire from selling themes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I see something reaching up to 8k sales.

First one will take ages haha :smiley:

If you want to do really good job and just by yourself I think around 1 year including approving process