How long does it take to be a solid developer?

Hello guys,

I am a graphic designer that has 2 years experience in designing websites, lately i came to a point that there is not much room to improve as a designer since i already consider myself solid in designing. I have been thinking to get in to a theme development side of the things so i can be a one man army. I think first i need to master html css than learn to integrate WordPress. But i think there is also php and javascript involved also which makes things complicated for me. I am sure there are so many guys like me that needs advice from experts who codes this amazing themes. Can you guys please share what is the step by step process of becoming a solid WordPress developer… and also give a time frame for each step so we know what are we looking to commit if we decide to go down this road.

If you can show your design work, I can let you know if there needs any improvement from themeforest point of view. Then, after that I can help you with theme development. I mean how to get started till approving the theme. :slight_smile:

I have posted here. This may help Creating a Wordpress theme with a page builder plugin

One year minimum, if you don’t know HTML/CSS/JS then even more. But in the meantime while you learn coding you can lose your design skills because trends are changing all time. It is better to team up with WP developer and if you want to learn more start only with HTML/CSS/JS for now.

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