How Long Does It Take For An Item To Get Approved ?

4 days gone :frowning: I’m waiting for their review.

1 day gone… Never took this long.

For logo template usually 1-4 days

again rejected :frowning:

I’ve submitted my first item (Print-Stationery) 4 days ago and I am still waiting in queue for review. No yellow bar. Is it normal?

Nevermind. I’ve got approved my first item and also my first sale. I am super excited. :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me, why they rejected me for 3 times.
can you send me readme.txt sample file please?

samironbarai said

Can anyone help me, why they rejected me for 3 times.
can you send me readme.txt sample file please?

Maybe if you could show us some image previews of your work etc. we could help you.

I really don’t think readme.txt is the main reason, but here is my instruction.txt:

Here is my last business card :frowning:

Here is my last business card :frowning:

thanks bro @tomassebastian.

this will help me a lot to go ahead :slight_smile:

Used to take up to 7 days but recently my items been getting approved faster and faster 2 days is the max which is awesome :slight_smile:

Again rejected :frowning:
can any one really give me some suggestion?

0bsessiveali said

Just out of curiosity :slight_smile:
It’s Been Two(2) Days Since I Submitted An Item I’m starting To Think That It’s going to get denied which for me is my biggest fear:( What’s the longest that your item has been held?
and What should I Do if it does get rejected?

Usualy 2 days. If you submit an item at the end of a week like friday …It may take days. Few people work on weekends

3 to 7 days

hi :wink: actually it depends on the category, for sure, but waiting time have definitely decreased now, after the holiday season and 3-4 days for a flyer , is the time that u are likely to wait … and judging by what i could witness , about the same in the logo category …

I’ve been waiting 7 days and still no answer :frowning:

Two weeks ago I was all happy about the review process getting shorter, but it’s been 6 days already. Again. Argh :slight_smile:

i do agree with Newroc, this is normally around 2 to 4 now GL :wink:

i been rejected 1 day and i don’t know what wrong with my submit but i still patient to improve my submit… :smile: