How long does an Envato Subscription refund take?

I am a bit disgusted at how Elements works, as after following the procedure of checking an item is available in Elements etc, I subscribed.

I went to download the theme only to get a message that I have to upgrade to an annual membership to download it. RIP OFF.

nowhere did it say 'this theme is only available to annual accounts.

As a result, I want a refund, have opened a ticket, but reading here it seems it is slow.

So I’d like someone from the Envato team to explain their deceptive practices, and confirm how long this is likely to take.

It’s likely to take a few days as the pricing page (unavoidable when subscribing) does state that WP themes are only part of the annual plan.

That’s not to say they won’t grant you a refund, but unfortunately only support will be able to clarify this

Hi i have purchsed annual membership for one month for $19 but i dont have access to download wordpress theme and plugin

Thanks, I’ll just do a paypal charge back then. :slight_smile:

very disappointed at this, as I was looking forward to using the system as an . I was happy to pay the additional cost that paying monthly brings, as I don’t agree with annual subscription payments, I only ever use monthly’s.

Thanks anyhow. That little dash is somewhat sneaky, ticks for everything else, and a thin black line. not a green cross VERY sneaky.

yep it seems we are not alone. two in one day, they are doing well aren’t they :smiley:

Just for clarity - if you challenge a payment then your entire envato account (including all purchases) will be frozen until it is resolved.


You can’t purchase the annual subscription for one month… it’s the annual subscription for 12 months, which will mean a payment of the 12 month cost.


SO I guess I’m at their mercy then. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure it’s like that. While I get it’s frustrating all they are doing by installing that policy is to preorder everyone (not just envato) from less genuine users.