How long do disputes take?


How long does it generally take for Envato to check and process a dispute? I have raised a dispute after i purchased a plugin which simply doesnt work. I allowed the autor access to my site so that they could try to fix it, instead they took my whole site down by uploading plugin after plugin to try to fix theirs. Now they want me to provide a full copy of my themeforest theme so that they can develop their plugin for the theme even though stating ‘works with all themes’!

Sorry, very frustrated tonight with all of this!!!

Just because you have an exotic setup does not qualify you to a refund, especially if you have already downloaded the product which appears to be case.

This is akin to asking for a refund after you’ve already eaten the meal. So don’t expect much.

Having said that, refunds can take up to 5 days, so wait up :+1:t5:

Thats just it though, i have the Shopme theme and thats it, again a Envato listed product. I understand that everything isnt perfect and that one size really does not fit all, but should i really have to hand my copy of a paid theme over to them just so that they can get their plugin working??

Why are you being so stubborn? Just, why? What do you stand to gain from this?

The author has already expressed to want to try to resolve an issue with a third party commercial theme they have no control over. So do not expect any magic.

IMO you are just being naive :confused: