How layouts work on themes?




I just got a question when I see wordpress themes offering lot of layouts on them for different business like for example enfold, betheme, avada and lots more, what exactly this means? This means that it comes with different demo contents or how it works?



WordPress Themes can give much more control over the look and presentation of the material on your site.

  1. Design - You can choose from over a thousand free themes from the WordPress Theme Directory.

  2. Customize - Upload your theme into WordPress. customize fonts, colors, logos and much more and preview the changes live.

  3. Create - Add text, images and videos to your posts and pages in WordPress.



Hey man thanks for the info, I know all that but, what I am asking is something different I am asking for example a theme like for example theme Jupiter: they say they over 50 templates (layouts) that is what I mean how this themes offer this templates? are they offer as demo content for user who buys to upload or how it works?



Hi It means that they can modify and tweak the layout/theme to meet your exact needs if your niche permits you to use that particular theme. They would not offer it as a demo since a lot of changes need to me made at the back end to make the tweaks happen. Theme remains same (the basic nature) however the template is tweaked to help you meet your exact needs.

Hope that helps to some extent. :slightly_smiling: