How is this going to be uploaded?

  • Optional Live Preview Your zip file contains a folder named ‘livepreview/Documentation/menu_nav’ which contains index.html. Please recreate your zip so that index.html and other files/folders are not contained within a toplevel folder.

Every upload is like this, I’m Chinese, I don’t understand what this sentence means at all, what is the top folder, every time there is a problem with the upload, I will send a youtobe video of the uploaded product to the email , I’m sorry, it’s all in English, I don’t understand it at all, can you have Chinese?

Hi @Muhou,

You can ignore/omit Optional Live Preview. You don’t need to provide Optional Live Preview. You have options to provide Demo URl for your live demo.

You can check this presentation how to upload item in codecanyon:

Hope will help.