How is possible to auto/approve items with PHP Fatal Errors?

I know some authors have an auto approve feature for their items but … having thousands of clients and releasing broken code with Fatal Errors on installation is not an professional approach for @envato firstly.

oops, you should report it to the author

They know about it since a while … I can see on their comments area …references to this error 10 days ago…

That’s because nobody at Envato actually runs submitted scripts. How do I know? Submitted 2 PHP scripts so far.

During 1st submission, I provided license details to the reviewer, so he can install the script (installation is blocked without providing a valid purchase code or licensed email). When script was approved after 1 week or so, I checked license callbacks and saw that script was never installed using the code I provided to Envato reviewer.

During 2nd submission of another script, I didn’t even create a license for reviewer, making it absolutely impossible to even launch the installer of the script. After 2 days it got approved.