How is Feel this Design ?

hi well not hard to understand indeed … forts of all, anyone with no particular skills can redo this item in seconds, which basically amounts to saying that there is very little chance to sell. For a buyer to buy as for I know they have to feel like saving time out of buying or feeling like that they get extra graphic design skills - I mean beyond the ones that they have - but ind most cases, this is not what happens here. And why accepting the file if this is judged as having very little potential in the first place ? In addition, the marketplace has changed dramatically over the years and nowadays this is better to strike a niche and making the purchasing base understand that they address them rather creating sort of a “catch all” generic product supposed to address anyone which will rather get drowned immediately rather than any other thing. Besides, pls let me remind u that a business card template is not only a template but mainly a corporate item in most of cases and this style apart from being too simple globally turns out not to match really well the main body of companies because of initial color combinations, overall style and others. I also have trouble to identify why both sides are not the same color when nothing is justifying it indeed … The logo is incoherent if u ask me … u have “fi” written and the name is “bright talk”? icons are too basic they are more or less photoshop presets and thus have very little interest graphic deign and originality wise and they , in the end, bring nothing much to the table, especially in such a simple context where there is not that much graphic design. I recommend that u push the envelope graphic design speaking so that there is more additional value in what u do … the hierarchy and typo are also pretty flat which is not a good idea as nothing is springing out ultimately and relief is consequently lacking here. U also violated a graphic design principle , that is to say “alignment” with the location icon being misaligned in the circled bullet indeed

  • QR is way too small

  • Brand name/your tag feels misplaced and unecessary

  • Realisitclaly the address space is too small for a true address

  • Alignment of web address on the front is not good