How is Feel this 2 Design ?

The big issues are hierarchy and readability. The info is all over the place. Also typography is inconsistent, you have issues with spacing and alignments. Looks like done in hurry without any attention to details.

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hi I think that u should learn what z-shape reading is all about , if u ask me … this is describing the reading process indeed and the way eyes sweep across any document to read it and the bottom line is that , in this case, the eyes get lost in the process of trying to find elements to analyze and read. This process is even more important that this is determining all the impact zones and lets people know where putting this is best to put all the most important items, logo and others so that they get the right impact, exposure, and attention. The bottom line is that here the important items are misplaced for such purposes and that the size dimension and so on are doing no favor so to speak … There is also something very bad when it comes to hierarchy and readability this is that that u are violating the contrast basic design principle and that the white text color u used basically is not that readable with a yellow background under, especially as this is clearly not a plain color one which makes the reading even harder. In both cases, the global organization of elements is not smooth and there are some way emptier areas and on the other hand some pretty busy other ones right next to them. The background maybe considered as complex but they indeed look more messy than any other thing and contribute to emphasize the discrepancy between areas indeed. the flagging of texts is almost never the same anywhere, as well, which ruins the homogeneity and reinforces the messy aspect. The call to action button “order now” is of no effect at all since this is clearly not springing out and this definitely not calling for any action , so that feeling like clicking it is not an optioning the end. Alignement also need improvement, too