How is everyone settling in?

It’s been a bit of a busy start with new upload tools being introduced and further ones being worked on, so we totally understand if things are a bit chaotic and confusing during this transition period.

So how are things going? And bottlenecks or confusion about the upload process or working with your Elements portfolio? We’d love to hear from you and see what we can do to make the process more streamlined :grin:

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It used to be when I uploaded and then selected a photo, I was taken to an editable metadata window. The ability to edit before submitting seemed to disappear last week until I figured out I need to change the pull down menu to “need to fix” instead of all photos. Others have been confused by it and thought the ability to edit metadata before submission had gone away also.

Still very confused by some of the rejections. I have earned hundreds even thousands of dollars via T20/Envato for concept images that include necessary text being added, for example, to a computer key or screen. No matter how realistic they look, reviewers reject them for “composition or lighting.” I sell them on other websites but your reviewers are hurting you by limiting your image library available to buyers.


Thanks for this feedback! It’s very helpful :grin:

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Circling back on this, your feedback has been looked at and revealed a flaw in the meta data editing process and how it re-enters review. We’re going to be working on improving and correcting this :grin:

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I feel comfortable with my photo uploads and am so far also happy with the sales results. I just need to upload a lot more images, I have about 8000 photos in total. Not everything is suitable here, but I really want to build a large port. And obviously new files will have priority, but I should be able to have a reliable upload flow.

I miss being able to sort my content into galleries. I believe it is easier and helpful for the customers and I can also promote a gallery on social media. Much better than just posting individual photos.

I miss good statistics. I use stockperformer and I wish I could connect my Envato account. Most of all I miss being able to click on an individual file to see a timeline of sales over the year. (or a gallery and its performance over a year). If you have a stockperformer portfolio, you know what I mean. It is extremely valuable to see how well files sell over time.

Would love to get my videos on elements as well, but still haven’t understood how the transfer process works? Still frustrated with the many video rejects, I usually have a 90% acceptance rate, but in time I will understand what envato prefers. Also, where can I see my video rejects? Do I really have to save all the emails to keep checking if I already uploaded that file?

etc…love the friendly community vibe. Makes a real difference.

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Thanks so much for this feedback! The whole upload and management process is definitely a work in progress that we’re always looking to improve. So this kind of feedback is invaluable :grin::+1:


Great! I would be happy to be a betatester, if you need one. I have been doing stock since 2005, so I have a bit of experience. But you probably already have an experienced team of producers.

So…how do I get my videos onto elements?

Is that something I can decide on upload? Do I need a second upload procedure? Do I have to apply and if yes, then where?


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