How important is W3C validation

Hi All,

I have been away for a while and I am now working on something brand new.

I want to know how important it is to have 100% validation for site templates from w3c validator.
I ask you this because I am right now in very initial phase of development and a 3rd party open source library that I am looking to use is generating all of the issues and it is beyond my control to fix the issues.

I see a lot of other templates here uploaded which potentially have the same issue but since they load their markup using javascript later (as in react and angular) hence the markup is added to page later and validation passes because at the time w3c checks the page there is only javascript present in the dom.

When I uploaded stuff 3/4 years ago, I always made sure of 100% validation. but this time because of the third party lib, it is out of control. Only option I have is to drop the 3rd party library and write from everything from scratch which would increase dev time significantly and will also impact users (potentially) as they woul not have the option to use stuff from this very popular library.

Please provide your inputs as authors.

Thank you and regards.

If your theme/template has w3 compatible issues, it won’t be accepted. You need to find a solution on your own depends on the issues

at least some of the recently accepted templates are full of w3c errors and warnings also :slight_smile:

just tested two top new items (released within a month)

To an extent some can be overlooked or are unavoidable and they don’t tend to look at warnings rather than errors.

Every case is likely to be different but as a rule if there are errors which are avoidable or unnecessary then they should be addressed.