How I see my profile cv in my PC

Dear Envato Team
Today I purchased from your web site profile company template but I not understand how these files works which file I should open it , are there especial software need to install in PC could you guide me to open it step by step

No one will be able to hold your hand through using any of the files (you could hire a freelancer using

the software etc. you will need depends on the actual file your bought and what format it is - “web site profile company template” could be anything although it sounds like a HTML template so you would need a text editor.

If you share a link to the actual item you bought then someone here can tell you what you need to do to edit it but it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to teach you how to do that for free

Dear support
thanks for response, actually I get one file type Win RAR after open it founded 4 files as below
1-company profile.idml
2-company profile.indd
I try to open files but fail please advise me

So it’s an Indesign file so you will need Adobe InDesign to open and edit it