How i Receive My Refund

I Requested For Refund Just Because there are bugs and too much problem
Author Was approved my refund
I want to ask how much times takes? To get Refund
And i paid via paypal when Purchased so i get my refund in Paypal right?

you should get notified if the author approved the refund request. As far I know it will take around 3-5 business days because envato team will review the request and then will refund process to your account and envato may contact you by email about refund. please wait for the refund process start.

Thank You For Your Reply
I Received Email That Author Approved My Refund on 17 April
So, I Need to Wait
And just confirming that where my refund come
I paid by paypal when Purchased so in paypal or other else

envato support may contact you regarding this.

I will wait mainly how much maximum time take to refund issue?

sorry! to say I don’t know exactly how much time and it should process as quickly they can.

I read that provide as credit bro
I need in paypal becoz i paid by paypal when buyed.
Refund Approved on 17 April Still No Response came also i send a email to Support still no reply of it

How can i request in paypal

You can open a Help ticket to request that the refund goes back to your PayPal –

I thought they did send it back to the original payment method by default, but it seems that’s definitely not case anymore.

I again mailed him by no one replying am waiting for reply from Support
Hope he help

No worries, they will absolutely get back to you. They’re just a little overwhelmed with tickets right now, so it may take a few extra days.

Thanks First time happens so that’s why worry

Thanks for support

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Bro i want to ask that
It’s 6-7 days now i not got my refund still …

This is not fair i really need my REFUND

Why it taking to much time?

Please help someone sir Refund issued on 17 April and today is 23 April

if you are getting worry! I would like to say please don’t.
you will get your refund. current global pandemic, large volume of open request (ticket), business days etc can cause delay. Thanks for your patience.