How I can understand why I'm rejected? why they don't mention it in email?

I have uploaded 2 times but both are rejected. but I don’t know why!! I just received an email that mentioned my work is hard rejected? not further explanation? could you help me please?

Hi! If you want other authors to tell you what your problem may be, attach a video preview of your rejected item here. It is not possible to say what is the reason without seeing the preview

yes sure
here’s the link:

but maybe there’s another reasons too. for example wrong files or etc. but there’s no explanation.
please help me in this regard.

So cool. You have to use English letters maybe or you didn’t organize After Effects project.aep and inside zip file that all you provides for buyers.

No. If the problem is in the technical side, but the design is of a sufficient level, than an item gets Soft Rejection, not Hard Reject

This style looks sooo outdated. These curls were popular in 2000s designs. As if you pulled them out of Word or PowerPoint. Also, the animation is very rough in places, the text appears abruptly, the animation of drawing patterns is alien to the animation of the appearance of text from the blur, etc, etc… I also advise you to use English.


thank you so much. yes maybe you’re right I should work more on it. but I want to create projects for Arab people that they use letters from right to left. Do you think is it accepted here?