How I can send mail for support my customer

Hi guys, today i got support mail but i can’t reply and send answer.

How can i send reply?


Be careful, you didn’t read that mail.


Just reply, then the mail will be sent to that customer.

This is not mail adress. Just a username

Have you clicked on the Reply button?! :slight_smile:

Yes, after i clicked Reply button and try send message got error like this;


I’ve run into this issue as well. It is because your mail client does not support the “Reply-To” email header.
Are you using “” or the Windows 10 app? The windows 10 app does not support Reply-To, you’ll need to use the website.


Thank you so much you are right :slight_smile: Problem solved.

Yes, maybe that email is wrong, this is why you got the delivery error notice.

My suggestion is to switch to a ticketing system, this is one reason why