How I can remove message from themeforest my account?

Hi to all:

Yet message not remove my account message :frowning: below image:

Please help me thanks.


There supposed to be an “X” to close it on the right. Is it Safari? It’s visible on Opera

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it’s use chrome of my mac

It’s visible on Windows. I could’ve posted a screenshot but I have already clicked it and the message is not visible now

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I not have windows :frowning: many thanks.

I already test my safari same message :frowning:

Hi, inspect to find the close icon.

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It’s visible on Windows. I have checked it with my other account on Chrome, no issue. Worst case, just ignore it few more days. It will be invisible soon I suppose

not have icon close :frowning: but it’s windows :frowning:

All browser same message but not hace icon close my mac but I will test windows pc of my mother many thanks for help me regards. close this forum.

You can also try clicking in the top right corner, even if you cannot see the icon. It might still work.

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Neither works :frowning:

You can click on the X in the upper right corner.

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Not found X top right :frowning: thanks for you help me :slight_smile:


Just ignore it. It will be gone soon

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