How i can i use my licence key in current website as previous website is no longer.

I want to use licence key in my current website that was used in last week another my website i.e no longer now.
So please help me to remove licence key from my previous site so that i can use licence key in my current website.

Waiting for your response.

Manish Kumar

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Hi! I think licenses are not transferable from project to project. Someone from the staff can explain further.

I agreed but i have used my licence for testing on one site and this site is no longer as off now so i want to use in my original site.
So how i can use this licence on my original site.

Please help me.

You’d need to deregister the original installation - the process for this varies between themes so your best option is to contact the author How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center

is it allowed for the author to add a purchase code verification?

Hi for current website its not allowing, please help me on that.
So that i can use licence key in my current website , due to this impacting my current website.
in case of need any information from my end please let me know.