How i Can add my work in envato without been rejected

How i Can add my work in envato without been rejected ??

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Just submit a high quality item … most likely it won’t be rejected :wink:

post your work here so that we can see your item quality level.

But as a generic rule here is what I think you should do:

  1. Take a look at the last items added in the market. Old items can have very poor level of quality but each day Envato is increasing the quality level. So that’s why you have to look at the latest items approved on market.

  2. Read more about psihology of design learn learn learn, never stop learning(at least this is what I’m doing) and in one day I’m sure you will get your item approved. Hard work will always give you good results.


you communicate enavato help option.

Hiii, sodasi_web, I am trying to learn design for a long time… I have been getting rejected everytime. sometme i get a approve but most of the item gets rejected… So, I am thinking that i have to learn more and more but i am not going right way. Please tell me how can i improve. I usually design Business Card, Flyer . If u have some time please give me some tips…

you have to post your work here so that we can evaluate your work

Thanks for reply…I have posted but didn’t get any answer…I need to to improve my design. (||Getting rejected every time)

My portfolio link–

check out the most popular items, and try to compare with your work.

Make sure every layers are well grouped and named. Don’t rasterize layer, use vector instead. Try to scale you psd and see if you see any pixalate effect. Focus on quality

If you had rejects before - pay attention what comments did reviewer make for your work - next time try to correct these mistakes!

hi buddy your work is great buddy :slight_smile:
buddy but instead of creating business cards which dont get lots of sales
do some stuff that can sell more and give more attention to your portfolio
like party flyers. try improve your skills Iam not a graphicriver author but I do lots of stuff outside

Thanks a lot …